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Editor's Review Series 15

Catch It If U Can Lite

Version: 1.0
Size: 11MB
Android SDK: 1.5 (Cupcake)↑
Price: Free
Language: English
Resolution: 800 x 480,1024 x 600
Requirement: WiFi or 3G connectivity, GPS, SD card
Description: Catches win matches will get you winning.


Catches win matches and catches will get you winning here, too! Just catch anything that comes your way from above, don’t miss them, else you will lose points. The app contains many catch games with different background sound and theme, such as Yummy Cakes, Jewel Thief, Blue Sea, and more.


How to Use:
The important key point to play this game is that you need to keep touching the bucket continuously and drag it where you want to catch the objects. Once you leave your touch, the game gets automatically paused. Is it simple? Try it now!


Catches win matches!

[Reviewed by Camangi Market team 5/17/2011]

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