Quick Start
Here, we will guide you to know more about how to use Camangi Market, and how can it work for your devices and lives.

For Android device’s users
It’s very easy to get start by registering an account.

All applications in the Market are free. Every time you download an application, you can track it in “My download” by accessing “My Account”. You can also rate the applications by giving stars and feedback.


For Android developers
Welcome to Camangi Market. To publish an application here is free and easy. The very first thing to do is create an account.

Your application will be downloaded and installed on users’ device around the world. Please make sure your application is ready and had been well testing enable to be run on Android devices.


Camangi Billing System
Camangi billing service is exclusive for Camangi members. The world Camangi members can purchase professional paid applications via Camangi billing system, enrich your tablet is just that easy! Here are some advantages of Camangi Market Billing System: