Camangi Market is the world’s first Android apps market that supports large-screen devices. Since Android tablet has become the popular choice in-between mobile and netbook, Camangi Market is the most ideal solution of applications for Android devices within 6” to 10” screen size.


Our advantages

  1. Supported 6-10 inches Android Device (Above 480 x 800 pixels resolution).
  2. Camangi Market provides you plentiful Android applications. With organized classification, it allows you easily search and download apps. Camangi will irregularly hold special events in order to give users more choices and benefit for downloading.
  3. Build friendship with developers and partners.
  4. Develops a unique APK protection. It prevents illegal copy.
  5. Have experienced testing team to examine apps.
  6. Camangi Market offers variety language services, such as Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese, English, Japanese and other Europe languages.
  7. Offer web version and client end.
  8. On-line credit/debit card payment for Camangi members all around the world.
  9. Camangi Market provides variety payout choices to world developers. Payout no borders!


Pre-install cases