Camangi Market Help


1. Getting started
Camangi Market is an Android apk platform for developers and users. Any developers are welcome to join us by registering, uploading, and publishing your own applications. You can choose between distributing free and paid applications.

2. Uploading applications
Publish an application through Camangi Market is very easy. In order to upload your .apk, you must register first. Then, you can just follow the direction to list details of your application, including title, summary of a description, full description, category, and version..etc.

3. Content Policy
We require our developers to following Terms of Use. And your application shouldn’t contain content that displays (via text, images, video, or other media) or links to:

Moreover, you must make sure that your applications will not harm user devices or personal data. We’ll take necessary actions to against any violence to our policies.

Managing your account

1. Uploading applications
You can list an application by following the steps:

3. Ratings
Your application is able to be rated by our Market users. After downloading an app, users can give a start rating and a review. Each user can rate or comment once per app.

4. Supporting your users
It is necessary to create a comprehensive help resource for improving user experience and supporting your users. We strongly recommend that you should list the following information with your application:
1. Your name or organization to ensure that user can identify the publisher easily.
2. FAQ/Help content to users.
3. Contact information includes an email address, webpage, or forum which you regularly monitor and participate in.

5. Selling your own application
5.1 Setting the price of applications
1) Upload an application to Camangi Market is very easy. You are able to publish applications for free, or price for your applications by setting up in your developer account with Camangi Market. Allowable price ranges: USD$0.99 - USD$200

2) Purchasing your own apps You are not allowed to purchase your own apps through Camangi Market. You will receive an error message when you try to purchase your own application.

5.2 Revenue
1) Your revenue: we will offer a revenue share model with developers. We will provide 3:7 ratios, and let developers to share the 70% of revenue.

3) The calculation of your available payout amount: Allowed Payout amount=Your revenue-Retention amount

4) Retention amount: There are two parts of retained amount.

  1. In order to avoid any credit card fraud case and other users’ charge back issues; we will keep the one of the highest revenue amount from your transaction in the past 30 days as the first part of retained amount.
  2. Once your APK is sold, you will see the total amount you have earned. It will require 14 working days to process the settlement, and it will be available in "Allowed Payout Amount" after then.

5) Close account: Once you close your developer account and remove all your paid applications on Camangi Market, Camangi Market will return “Retain amount” to you by your requested payout method. It will require 7 to 10 working days to process the service.

5.3 Payout Order
1) Payout choice: developers have 4 options for payout transaction.

2) It will require 7 to 10 working days for each payout request.

6. Payout Currency
6.1 Based on the payout method, Camangi Market will pay you the amount requested in local currency. For example, if you choose payout with a Taiwan bank account, you will receive your money in Taiwan dollars. However, if you choose PayPal, Camangi Market will only pay you the amount requested in U.S. dollars.

6.2 Currency conversion Currency exchange rate will be determined by Camangi Market based on international exchange rate and may vary from time to time due to international currency variation.