Camangi Market FAQ

Q1. What’s Camangi Market?

A : Camangi Market is a platform for Android users and devices to share with each other. We provide a well-managed and interactive environment for developers to publish their applications. And these applications are specifically created for 6" to 10" Android devices.

Q2. How do I find the Apps in Camangi Market?

A : Simply click Apps on the homepage of Camangi Market client to view or download applications. You can view by “Free”, “Paid” or “By Date” base on different categories.

Q3. Do I need to sign up for a new account to use Camangi Market?

A : You can create one right now by going to It’s totally free and easy. Verify that "Registration" on the top of the page. You can also choose “Registration” from Camangi Market client.

Q4. Payment types

Q5. What can I purchase from the Camangi Market?

A : At the Apps section, you can browse and download applications for your Android device. Applications from Camangi Market can be downloaded to, but not used on your computer (exclude paid applications). The Apps is also available on many middle-screen size devices and works over Wi-Fi/ 3G network. (Note: You must use a Micro SD card or an internal storage to install applications)

Q6. How do I find the file size of an application?

A : File size can be found on each application’s page accessed from your computer.

Q7. Is the application available in my language?

A : Please check the application’s page to make sure your desired language is supported. Or you can get this information from the download page from Camangi Market client.

Q8. Where can I learn more about a particular application?

A : You can get more information by 2 ways: 1) Download page: From Camangi Market client you can check related information such as version, support language, hardware requirement and detail description…etc. or 2) Visit the developer’s website. A link can be found on each application’s page.

Q9. I just download an app by using a laptop. How do I install it on my Android device?

Q10. Where can I find a list of my download/installed applications?

Q11. Will applications run on my computer?

A : No. Applications are designed for use on the Android devices.

Q12. Where can I get help if I have an issue with an application?

Q13. How many applications can I install on my device?

A : It’ll depend on the memory of your device. If you already have full memories of apps, you will need to remove some apps first before downloading a new one.

Q14. Why focus on 6" to 10" devices?

A : Currently, Android OS is limited to Smartphone development. However, 3 to 5-inches screen can’t meet most people’s demand. On the other hand, an overly small device will limit creativity and capability. In our point of view, larger interfaces can be expected. We don’t see it as a mere technological product, but a multimedia and integration terminal device with high mobility, which can be used anytime and anywhere.

We believe that a slim/ touch screen, easy-to-read (6-10 inch) product will be an essential device in our daily life. Whether you are a businessman, student, housekeeper, or even a senior, there is no doubt that a comfortable reading sized screen with an intuitive interface will improve our future.