Billing Terms

Buying apps

Due to explanation may vary from different languages, billing policy, e-mail, or any other related content is in English based.

1. Currency conversion
When you make a purchase from the Camangi Market, all paid applications are listed in USD. However, your credit/debit card company might convert the charge to your local currency and may also add additional fees that are not reflected in the checkout page of the Camangi Market. Please contact the credit/debit card issuer for details. Moreover, before you make any transaction, you are responsible to understand required currency information. Camangi Market is not responsible for the information disclosure or the accuracy of the exchange rates.

2. Multiple charge & authorizations
2.1 Authorizations occur between Camangi Market’s billing system and your bank’s billing system before an order is charged to ensure that the card is valid and the necessary funds are available in your account.

2.2 Camangi Market is not responsible for multiple charges by single transaction. You agreed to seek the necessary assistance to your issuer bank.

3. Download policy
3.1 Paid applications can only be downloaded by Camangi Market client. In order to protect Developer’s intellectual property, we don’t provide any Paid APK download service through PC or other channels.

3.2 You agree that you will not share materials that are copyrighted in Camangi Market to others. If there is an intellectual property issue involve, Camangi Market has right to take legal action for protecting Camangi Market contents.

4. Payment methods
You can only make payment through Camangi Market’s billing system by using credit and debit card. In the Camangi Market, we accept credit /debit card types are as follow:

Currently, we don’t accept other methods of payment, such as, personal checks, credit transfer, etc.

5. Charges
5.1 Once the transaction is established, charges generally post to your credit/debit card within days.

5.2 Charge date
After you agree to purchase applications, e-contents, etc., it may take few days to show on your credit/debit bills. Transaction days may vary from your credit/debit bank. However, the consumption overview will show your purchasing details as soon as you paid. On the other hand, the system will automatically send you a on-line receipt via e-mail.

5.4 Charge Price
The price of applications in Camangi Market is determined by developers, and Camangi Market does not charge you any additional fee. Camangi Market is not responsible for any related issue.

6. Cancellation
After you made the transaction, you are unable to cancel the transaction by all means. Please make sure you have already understand all the require information before you purchase paid applications.

7. On-line Receipts
Camangi Market will send you a receipt with a transaction ID and purchasing details via email. Please keep the receipt for future references.

Camangi Market reserves the copy right and rights for revision and adjustment of its website and related documents with or without notice.