Brand Spirit of Camangi Market

Camangi Market is like a new land for Android. Grow up from a seedling and will become a forest someday!

Every developer is like our gardener, to water and take care for this new land.

Each apk on Camangi Market is like a seed, it will grow up and become stronger by user’s support.

We welcome all the partners to work with us and create benefit by mutual contribution. To provide nutrition for this land.


Vision of Camangi Market

Born for Android
Android is an open handset alliance project, it provides an unlimited space for creativity. New applications are always being developed around the world. Camangi Market is born to offer a valuable service through an integrated platform. All applications published within will be effectively categorized, and promoted to users around the world.


Unsurpassed innovation will be the root of the future
Unlike any other Android app store, Camangi Market is positioned to serve the large-screen Android devices within 6” to 10”. We believe that there is a potential market waiting to be developed and irrigated. Smaller screen size can no longer satisfy new and growing applications. Larger device within 6 to 10-inches can be conveniently carried while maintaining practicability. The charm of Android will be revealed on its entirety on high end devices.


Excellent service is our principle
Our goal is to offer a free platform for the Android users and developers to easily utilize. Therefore, within Camangi Market, the user can download or publish applications as you wish. Furthermore, we have created a forum for sharing and discussion of relevant information. Besides, a forum will allow us to receive your advices and troubleshoot problems. We will carefully analyze your feedback in order to improving our products and services.


The power of a “free” in Android
We’re challenging the developers by offering a tool and a guideline. There is no complicated process or critical limitation. Ultimate, What we’d like to see is a continuous creation and sharing of apps. And Android Open Platform will accomplish all of it while keeping everything “free”.


Profit sharing
Camangi Market respects interaction within the platform which is the most precious asset for the community. We’d like to welcome you to publish your own applications, share user experiences, or provide comment or feedback. We will make sure that any brilliant developers will receive a proper reward for whatever they deserve.


Perfect Practicality
Camangi Market is not only a place to download and publish apps, but also a provider for live integration. Anyone can easily find and organized information about any topic, such as beauty products, food recipes, news, health, shopping and etc. We’d love to help make your life simpler.